Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nishang 0.2.5 Released: Get WLAN keys in plain, Remove update and bug fixes.

This is a short & quick post about Nishang 0.2.5. Two new payloads which are borrowed from other sources (and went unnoticed for months lying in one of my VMs) have been added:

1. Get-WLAN-Keys dumps WLAN keys in clear text, handy!!. The code is borrowed from this code by Jan Egil Ring. An elevated shell is required to dump the keys.

2. Remove-Update could be used to remove all updates, all security updates or a particular update from a target machine. The script calls wusa.exe to do so. This is based on this post by Trevor Sullivan. This payload could be useful to re-introduce a patched vulnerability (an easy way of backdooring a system). Administrator access is required to remove most updates.

Also, some stupid bugs with Credentials payload hav been fixed. This payload has been bugging me (or I am bugging it :P) from the first release of Nishang. I hope to bring some peace to it.

The Nishang repo has been updated. Please update your repos.

- Added Get-WLAN-Keys payload.
- Added Remove-Update payload.
- Fixed help in Credentials.ps1
- Minor changes in Donwload_Execute and Information_Gather.

Please send feedbacks and questions my way. Hope this would be useful.