Some of my presentations

Hacked? Pray that the Attacker used PowerShell
ITDefense 2018

Red Team Revenge - Attacking Microsoft ATA
44CON 2017

Evading Microsoft ATA for Active Directory Domination
BlackHat USA 2017 and BruCON 2017

PowerShell for Practical Purple Teaming
x33fcon 2017

AMSI: How Windows 10 Plans to Stop Script-Based Attacks and How Well It Does It
BlackHat USA 2016

Continuous Intrusion: Why CI tools are an Attacker's Best Friends
BlackHat Europe and DeepSec 2015

Workshop:PowerShell for Penetration Testers
HITB, Amsterdam 2015

Lethal Client Side Attacks using PowerShell
Slides of my talk at DeepSec 2014

Powerpreter: Post Exploitation like a Boss
Slides of my talk at Defcon 21

PowerShell for Penetration Testers
Slides of my workshop at BlackHat Europe 2013

Owning Windows 8 with Human Interface Devices 
Presented at EuSecWest'12

Hacking the future with USB HID
The talk I gave at RSA China'12. It was about using USB HID to hack Windows 8 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

More fun using Kautilya
A presentation I gave at Troopers'12. This featured some never seen before payloads for breaking into Linux using a Teesny++ device.

Teensy Programming for Everyone
This was a workshop I conducted at Black Hat Europe'12. The workshop explains how to program a USB HID, Teensy++ in this case, for usage in offensive security.

Kautilya: Teensy beyond shell
Presented at Black Hat Abu Dhabi. In this preso Kautilya was introduced.